What filaments are available to be used with your new printer? The filament market is exploding; filament manufacturers are creating new FDM products almost weekly! While this means there are likely many existing products that will work well for your needs, sometimes being spoiled for choice is a little overwhelming.

We’ve created our online FILAMENTS DIRECTORY to provide some guidance with your decision. The directory contains over 2,700 different FDM filaments — including ordinary PLA, PLA-composites, ABS, flexible filaments, PETs, Polycarbons, Carbon Fiber blends and Nylons.

We’ve organized the directory into helpful sections for your convenience: Basic (introductory), Specialty, Flexible, Advanced and Industrial. Our objective is to give you enough information to allow you to assess the applicability of the filament you are evaluating - will it be useful to you? We also provide some guidance regarding settings.

What type of filament are you considering? Click on an image below for more information.