How can you best integrate additive manufacturing into your production or organization? How can you optimize its use?

i3D offers a wide number of services. Our mission is to provide you with the information and tools you need to actualize the transforming power of 3D printing within your organization. Let’s get 3D printing really working for you! Which of our services would be most helpful to you right now?


There are many different types of printers, software and materials. Decisions about what will work best for your needs can be daunting when time and resources are at a premium. We’ve put together some things you’ll definitely want to consider on our AM101 page. But we also offer consulting services. Why don’t you put our experience and knowledge to work for you? We’ll work with you through a multi-step process of assessing where additive manufacturing can be optimized within your school or business and help you map out your plans for it so you can realize maximum results. You’re results-oriented and so are we.

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Creating a physical models of a product concept has never been more affordable. You could say that Additive Manufacturing has ‘democratized’ the production process. Of course it all starts with a digitally produced design. But not everybody has the time or inclination to design. Moreover, even skilled CAD designers need to learn specific design skills for certain 3D prints.

We can help you take your project from paper to CAD. If your intention is to 3D print your design, we will make design suggestions so you will achieve the best print results. Of course we will ensure that your project stays as confidential as you want it to be.

We are also available to prototype. Why should your creation be held hostage by high shop costs associated with “one-offs” or molding? We can print your model cost-efficiently.



Additive manufacturing flatlines the cost of production so that it is now only a matter of materials and time required. This means it is great for prototyping but low-volume production runs are also now affordable and consistent. You get high quality components but bypass the high set-up fees — not to mention shop and inventory costs — associated with traditional forms of production. Hey! Now you have more time and money to do what you do best. Can we talk?




It’s not just about science and technology! 3D printing technology is relevant, and schools and higher learning centers can realize its potential in every classroom: from home economics to chemistry and from math to music. Beyond the classroom, too.

Would you like to hear more about that? i3D offers introductory tutorials for your academic staff so your students can stay on the cutting edge. We tailor tutorial content so they are responsive to your needs right now. What would you like your staff to know?